About us


Barkwoods Kennel has been around since 1973 and was the making of Eleanor Lillesand. Her son, Andrew inherited the kennel, and kept it running strong through the years. Carol has now been the owner for about 10 years- and although some manners have changed- the simple, kind, off-the-beaten-path feel is still kept for your pet.


We DO NOT charge for your pet's necessities; such as walks, medication, treats, and even the peanut butter they love in their kong so much.


We give each pet individual play time, whether it's outside in our new octagon pen, or in the office with us. We understand that your dogs and cats need a different view from their kennels, and we DO NOT charge for that.

You can honestly just never know what could happen between your pets. They can see each other through the chainlink as they run around in the outside pens, but they will never come in contact for everyone's safety.

In Galloway and the surrounding areas, we have many affliates and local businesses that you may be interested in visiting and/or particitpcating with.


Looking for natural, holistic care for wounds, shampoos, repellents etc. that can be used for you and your pet? 





10am-12pm approx.



252 South Leipzig Ave

Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215



Phone: 609-965-3000


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