A dog or cat will not be accepted for boarding unless distemper, rabies, and bordetella inoculations are current. A veterinarian certificate for inoculations must be presented at the time of boarding. If owner fails to meet this requirement the dog or cat will not be accepted for boarding and will be considered as a late cancellation.


Barkwoods strongly recommends that pet owners planning to travel with their dogs or cats visit their family veterinarian two weeks before travel time to secure a health certificate for their pet. Make sure your vet shows the dates of all inoculations on the certificate and if it is time for a booster shot, get one. This ensures all pets are in good health and that owners meet state requirements for travel with dogs and cats. Vicious, unmanageable, or climbing dogs will not be accepted for boarding. Animals showing signs of mange, kennel cough, or distemper will not be allowed to stay.